Local Histories - People

I will eventually be publishing my own family history research here, for the time being a list of surnames and places is here. If you are researching any of these names and think you may have a link, please contact me.

Family Name County
Collier Wiltshire
Dobson Yorkshire
Doel Wiltshire
Doughty Wiltshire
Doughty Middlesex
Douglass Tyneside
Eade West Sussex
Gibbs Wiltshire
Hales Wiltshire
Hughes West Sussex
Hunt Wiltshire
Jackson Wiltshire
Jones Wiltshire
Keen West Sussex
Kennett West Sussex
Lightfoot Yorkshire
Marshman Wiltshire
McNamara Tyneside
Mitchell Tyneside
Mullen Tyneside
Norrell West Sussex
Richards West Sussex
Ripley Yorkshire
Till West Sussex
Webb Wiltshire
Wells West Sussex
West West Sussex
Wild West Sussex
Wray Yorkshire


Local Histories